Parklife Event

On November 12th, Prologis celebrated a PARKlife™ opening event in San Fernando and Coslada where for the first time, our customers and their employees experienced this new concept in Spain. 

With all the precautionary sanitary measures in place and respect of the barrier gestures, employees of Coral Transportes, Nevir, Areatrans, Raminatrans and Airpharm were welcomed at 07.00 am by a hot chocolate and churros stand and got to know more about the parks and its services while having a nice moment outside.

Through this PARKlife™ concept, Prologis offers attractive, modern and sustainable spaces with a range of park services and amenities. San Fernando and Coslada Parks propose paddle courts, large outdoor terraces and natural areas, an ideal environment for the occupiers of those parks who could experience the PARKlife™ concept advantages. 

Miguel Cogolludo, Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager of Prologis Spain and responsible for the organization of the two events, has said: "Prologis is fully committed to creating value for our customers. Events such as this Thursday's are aimed precisely at publicizing the benefits and amenities that PARKlife™ offers to our customers and their employees".

Because we put our customers and their employees at the heart of our business, Prologis plans to hold a series of similar events in the coming weeks.

Discover PARKlife™ here

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