Gary E. Anderson

Gary E. Anderson

Chief Executive Officer, Europe and Asia

Gary Anderson, as Prologis' chief executive officer of Europe and Asia, oversees all aspects of business performance in Prologis' European and Asian geographies including its capital deployment, operations and private capital businesses.

Mr. Anderson is a member of the Prologis Executive Committee which sets the strategic direction for Prologis and is a permanent member of the Prologis Investment Committee which reviews all capital allocation decisions for Prologis.

Mr. Anderson previously served as Prologis' head of global operations and investment management until the merger with AMB Property Corporation in 2011. Prior to this, he was the company's president of Europe and the Middle East, as well as chairman of the European operating committee. From 2003 to 2006, Mr. Anderson was the managing director responsible for investment and development in the company's Southwest and Mexico regions. Prior to 2003, he led successive regional and local offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon, and he was one of two people responsible for directing the establishment and expansion of Prologis' business in Mexico.

Prior to Prologis, Mr. Anderson was with Security Capital Group, Inc., a diversified real estate investment company, where he focused on capital markets, investments and strategy and worked with a small group to develop Security Capital Industrial’s (now Prologis) global expansion strategy.

Mr. Anderson is a member of the Young Presidents Organization - Gold. He serves on the board of directors for Colorado UpLift and the Prologis Foundation. He received his MBA from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA and his Bachelor of Arts from Washington State University.


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