Focus on comfort

Employee well being is an essential part of our parks’ design and day-to-day working practices. Buildings offer modern well-lit office spaces for your workers, as well as rooms for relaxation, gyms, terraces and open-air cafes. Our team also organises a huge variety of events, such as a the Peruvian chocolotada (cake and hot chocolate party) held in Prologis Park Coslada and the Christmas drinks at San Fernando. There's also paddle a or standard tennis club and a running track to make every working day unique and different.

thriving community

A Thriving Community

In our parks, we make every effort to create a feeling of community cohesion, connection, and friendship.

These are the perfect spaces to get involved with serious projects and promote a social conscience that goes beyond the normal conduct of business.


Together, we are stronger

Across our network of more than twenty parks, we involve our customers in dynamic relationships with the local communities.

Whether by collecting for charities, working with schools, volunteering, or creating high quality jobs and new training opportunities, we are always keen to build firm relationships with the local community organisations. The importance of community relations is a value we share with our tenants and which we make sure feeds through to your employees.


Your business
Your Business

Your Business

We’ll take care of the day to day running of the Park and give you access to our dedicated team, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Su gente
Your People

Your People

We believe your people deserve the best spaces and places in which to work, which is why our building and parks are designed with their needs in mind.



Creating spaces and places where our customers’ businesses can thrive and where their employees enjoy coming to work.