Prologis Park Sant Boi DC6: conversion of a manufacturing plant into a first-class omnichannel logistics space

The opportunity

Salvador Escoda, a distributor of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and insulation equipment and accessories, asked us for a new space to expand its market share and have the service processes to deliver excellent customer service. The company already had a building in the Prologis Sant Boi DC5 Park, but wanted a single warehouse that could serve all its sales channels.

The challenge

Prologis needed a space that met Salvador Escoda's requirements for scale and location and was as close as possible to its building in Prologis Sant Boi DC5 Park.

Our teams put a range of options to Salvador Escoda, but the one that best met the company’s requirements was an 8,000 sqm site in Sant Boi, which bordered its existing building in the Prologis park.

The big challenge for Prologis was to adapt this plant, which ideally met Salvador Escoda’s needs on location and scale but not its functional specifications, as it was built for manufacturing processes rather than logistics.

The solution

Prologis made its entire technical team available to Salvador Escoda to collate all its requirements for functionality, such as a spacious point of sale for installers integrated within the logistics space, cargo docks, access between both buildings, LED lighting to cover Salvador Escoda's warehouse layout, latest-generation fire systems in terms of both equipment and the building itself, and various functional requirements that would enable the company to provide the best customer service from an omni-channel facility integrated with the other plant which had been running for more than 10 years.

Prologis transformed a manufacturing plant into a first-class logistics centre. An action plan and execution schedule were drawn up for all the improvements and, despite COVID restrictions and difficulties, delivered on time and to spec.

Lessons learnt

To transform an 8,000 sqm manufacturing plant into a logistics facility equipped to excellent standards in a prime location like Sant Boi de Llobregat was far from easy. Faced with this, Prologis showed it has great professionals with many years’ experience, capable of working in complex and challenging situations to meet the customer's needs to a tight deadline.

The Prologis team were also able to deploy the resources to protect the environment in a space not initially suited for these new needs. The reconditioning process involved building an energy recovery system into the infrastructure, making Salvador Escoda’s new space more efficient and environmentally friendly, exceeding environmental standards.


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