Prologis Welcome Pack

Underpinning the Prologis customer commitment is a professional relationship that starts from day one. To facilitate that relationship, a comprehensive Welcome Pack is offered to every new occupant. Fully embracing the digital transformation, unwieldy paper packs have been replaced by a neat iPad pre-installed with a collection of documents and interactive programs that guide occupants through the management and control of all the services and features available at their new facility.

The Welcome Pack provides information to help establish open, two-way open communication with Prologis and get the customer relationship off on the right foot. It also includes a comprehensive list of contacts and external partners to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

To introduce new tenants to the touch-of-a-button control features, the Welcome Pack also includes a complete guide to the integrated BMS system. Lighting, heating and air conditioning systems in different zones are operated via a digital interface and equipment energy use monitored in real time, enabling customers to reduce both operating and maintenance costs and optimize the energy performance of the entire building. For Prologis next-generation facilities, the pack also includes the Resolving app, which gives customers on-screen access to real-time digital 3D models of the entire complex. The simple, accurate interface offers a detailed visual picture of every corner of the office and logistics spaces, providing technical information to optimize management and maintenance.

“Prologis is committed to supporting new customers and to being there for all their needs. From day 1, the Welcome Pack gives new occupants a comprehensive guide and complete control over their activities thanks to state-of-the-art BIM technology,” said Laura Capdevila, property manager at Prologis Spain.

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