We want our customers to focus exclusively on their business, supporting them with solutions that match their needs and goals. Thanks to our relationship of more than 15 years with CEVA Logistics at Subirats DC1, we were able to provide solutions for the building that improve the well-being and comfort of employees.

CEVA Logistics was looking for a partner it could trust to help them implement strategies aligned with their sustainable development goals. They found the perfect ally in Prologis, which was able to provide solutions wholly in tune with their commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Prologis's priority is to put all its wide experience at the service of our customers, working hand in hand with them to deliver the most sustainable facilities possible. By modernising the LED lighting and improving the electricity system at Subirats DC1, CEVA Logistics made savings of up to 60% in the building's carbon emissions.

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