Prologis 2021 Annual Report

“Our 2021 annual report shows that our scale, reach and unique growth differentiators are setting us apart. We have long made the shift from responsiveness to readiness and are in a position to offer industry-leading service for our customers and maximum returns for our shareholders and investors. Despite this being a record-setting year, we are positive that the best is yet to come.” – Ben Bannatyne, President Prologis Europe

As the world grappled with the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and significant disruption to the global supply chain, Prologis found new ways to help customers, employees and communities. 

Testifying to this, Prologis’ 2021 Annual report has just been published. Read the full letter of Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of Prologis Hamid R. Moghadam on, with accompanying video.

Key points include:

  • A record-setting year

Driven by our unique portfolio and business model, 2021 was the strongest year in our company’s history. The challenges we faced—and met—during another difficult year for the world at large showcased what differentiates Prologis in the marketplace. With vacancies at record lows and rising market rents showing no signs of slowing, our 1 billion square foot portfolio is primed to serve our customers’ needs.

  • Unique growth drivers

Our Capital Deployment team is the best in the business and is especially adept at finding new and creative ways to expand our portfolio in the world’s most desirable logistics markets. Our Strategic Capital business is integral to our business model. Strategic Capital has seen incredible demand for our funds, which continue to provide strong returns.


  • Investing in communities

To us, being a good neighbour means going above and beyond to deliver the services and solutions that make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and in the prosperity of communities. As an example, we expanded our Prologis Community Workforce Initiative (CWI).

We invest our time and resources in job training, renewable energy, zero-emission vehicles infrastructure and other collaborative efforts that make us the logistics provider of choice. We bring new jobs, new revenue and a greener logistics infrastructure to all the communities in which we live and work.

  • Breaking new ground: thought-leadership in action

We leveraged our unique role in the industry and supply chain to celebrate the milestones of some of our most ground breaking customers, portfolio companies and community partners.

  • Culture & talent: the bedrock of Prologis

Our employees across the globe have been critical to keeping our business on the leading edge of our industry as we continue to create and deliver value beyond our real estate. We welcomed hundreds of new colleagues to the company last year.

  • Looking forward

While 2021 was a record-setting year, most of the benefits from the current environment will be realized in the future, providing a clear runway for continued sector-leading growth. We can say with confidence that our best years are still to come.

May you have further questions and interview requests for the Prologis European team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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