A new organisational model for better quality service

Customer care is a priority at Prologis. Therefore, all our actions are focused on meeting their needs and offering the best and personalized service. Prologis team is well known for seeking excellence and looking to go one step further. 

In order to improve the service offered to our customers, we have developed the structure, Customer Experience Team (CET). A restructuring of our teams and their way of working in order to be closer and more agile with our customers. The CET is integrated by five professional roles, all at the same level, working in parallel to offer more and better services: Real Estate and Customer Experience Manager, Construction Manager Operations, Property Coordinator, Leasing Associate Manager Officer and Facility Manager.

With this new model, which is innovative and exclusive in the real estate sector, the traditional figure of the Property Manager disappears and the role of the Real Estate and Customer Experience Manager, the most direct responsible for managing the customer experience, is introduced in this new organisation. Under this structure another profile has been added that will carry out the functions of Facility Manager, whose main mission is to offer immediate attention to all our clients directly in the same building from where they work. 

At Prologis Spain we manage 3 CETs, covering the markets where we have a greatest presence, which are Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. This new organizational model is being implemented in other international markets to strengthen the relationship with customers in order to respond to their needs in the best possible way.

In this sense, Cristian Oller, Country Manager at Prologis Spain, emphasizes that “at Prologis we place the customer at the core of our operations. Due to this new organizational model, we are further strengthening our relationship with customers in order to respond more effectively to their needs and to quickly solve any problems that may arise. Our team is composed by professionals and experts who are able to offer a personalized and immediate service to our clients. Thanks to this, we are able to reach new and ambitious goals".

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