Prologis’ LED program offers a wide range of opportunities for our customers to achieve smart energy consumption.

Over the years, the lighting in a logistic center becomes weaker, so the lighting system may produce less light than it really should. With our new program, Prologis offers the opportunity to update the lighting system introducing LED lighting at every place of the building. This new system allows the warehouse to provide a safe and appropriate level of light over time.

Cost Saving

The LED light program that we propose for our stores offers many advantages over traditional lighting, in addition to the clear decrease in electricity bills. Another advantage is the reduction of maintenance costs. Since LEDs do not need to be checked regularly, it is no need to invest in expensive equipment to replace the lights. Hence, the lighting products that we have selected for the LED plan have a life span of over 70,000 hours, which is 3 to 5 times longer than high-end fluorescent or metal halide lighting.

Energy Sustainability

Our LED program is an innovative alternative that, in addition, to contribute to creating a welcoming workspace, shows our commitment to the environment and sustainability because it facilitates more responsible consumption and reduces the carbon footprint. Prologis’ buildings are designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient. To continue with this commitment, we support this LED light program that increases energy efficiency by 60-80% compared to other types of lighting and reduces electricity consumption. Furthermore, each light includes motion and daylight controls, so they are only active when it is needed, and they also decrease their light intensity to take advantage of natural light.


From Prologis we want to provide safer working environments that protect the health and wellbeing of our employees.  The achieve it we rely on this technology.  The installation of this modern and high level LED system can make employees much happier, productive, and safe to work with. Numerous studies show the direct relation between lighting conditions and human performance. Working for a long time under inadequate lighting can cause workers fatigue. The LED system in warehouses is more pleasing to the eye as it provides higher quality light with more uniform illumination levels and color temperatures.

Our new program also makes the installation process easier by quickly contacting with an installer to replace the current lighting with the LED system. A Prologis Project Manager supervises the installation from the beginning and check that everything is going well. Through the new program, it is possible to agree on a start and end date to ensure that the work is carried out on time to minimize any inconvenience for our customers.

Innovation and Quality

In conclusion, our program is an innovative tool to help our customers work in the best condition and at the same time a system that offers more intelligent and efficient power consumption. In this way, its activity, in addition to following with the highest standards of safety and logistics management, places it as a benchmark in environmental protection, an essential point for all types of leading socially responsible companies. 

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