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Twenty-eight students began their Warehouse Operations studies this week as the first course in Logistics Training in Motion (LTIM): your university logistics training programme got under way. LTIM is an educational initiative led by Prologis in collaboration with the Universitat de Barcelona and the Sant Boi de Llobregat local authority.

The Warehouse Operations course forms part of a three-module programme and will train students in professions such as stacker, order filler, fork-lift driver and packing operative. The syllabus covers issues including warehouse design and operations, warehouse technology, handling, warehouse movements and order filling, stock control and the 5S working philosophy which takes its name from the Japanese words for classification, order, cleanliness, standardisation and discipline.

This first training module begins on Monday, 16 October, and runs for three weeks until 6 November. It includes a total of 75 hours’ learning: 30 hours of classroom lectures, 35 hours as an intern and 10 hours of practical project work. 

Logistics is a profession of the future, offering a host of job opportunities in a sector that has repeatedly proven its indispensability. Prologis, aware of the need to train the logistics professionals of the future, has launched the LTIM programme, a source of differential value for the Spanish logistics industry and for educational provision in this sector. 

LTIM: three courses for logistics professionals

The Warehouse Operations course is followed by two further 5-week modules in Logistics Coordination and Warehouse Management, respectively. 

Courses are held in the Sant Boi de Llobregat service centre, a space provided by the municipal council. 

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