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On May 17, Prologis employees had the pleasure of celebrating a new edition of Impact Day, which as every year took place on the third Friday of May. This is the most supportive day for the company, a global corporate event in which more than 1,600 employees around the world show their most supportive side through altruistic activity.

There are many solidarity actions that Prologis has carried out over the last few years on the occasion of the Impact Day: from aid to disabled people, refurbishing spaces on a voluntary basis, to reforestation of abandoned areas in Catalonia.

In this seventh edition of Impact Day, and with the help of the organization BarcelonActiva, Prologis employees in Spain collaborated with the charity social canteen where they help people in a situation of social inclusion and homeless refugees.

"Once again, this significant day for us has been a success. More than 1,600 Prologis employees became volunteers in more than 60 cities around the world to collaborate with a solidarity action in a totally altruistic way.

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