We’ve heard the stories, read the periodicals and seen the market trend research – 2018 was a great year for logistics real estate. Fundamentals were (and continue to be) strong, with positive customer sentiment and historic low vacancy rates. 

In fact, last year was our strongest year on record and our industry-leading financial and operating results reflect this clearly, but there’s more to it than that. Prologis is also rapidly becoming much more than a real estate company. This is what our Chairman and CEO, Hamid Moghadam has to say:

Doing more

Highlighted in our CEO’s shareholder letter, there are many exciting opportunities ahead. We are expanding our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives into broader territory and setting a new course for long-term growth that emphasizes innovation and technology to create value for our stakeholders. Our progress in 2018 built the foundation for many new opportunities, including:

  • a customer-centric focus on the ever-changing needs of our global logistics partners;
  • investments in technology and innovation to help our customers ease their “pain points” and run their businesses more efficiently;
  • proprietary research and advanced analytics that will form a baseline for measuring customer sentiment, supply chain modernization trends and other important aspects of logistics real estate.

Eye on the future

Our main focus is on the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are able to use our global scale to harness the power of our data to address customers’ pain points and continue our commitment to being an integral partner as they grow and succeed. Find out more on how we’ve been doing this in our 2018 Annual Report.  

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