Prologis has set up its first electric charging hub in its Prologis Park Coslada for shipping firm SEUR. The new hub will significantly reduce SEUR's carbon footprint and power its fleet of sustainable vans and cars making last-mile deliveries in the city centre. 

The installation starts with 20 charging points and more can be added later. Specifically, it provides 12 three phase and 8 single phase chargers with potential capacity of up to 216.60 kW that can charge 60 vehicles in three shifts.

With SEUR and Schneider Electric as partners, Prologis expects the platform to put out around 270,00 kWh annually, equivalent to a zero emissions vehicle driving around 2 million kilometres a year, saving more than 170 tonnes of CO2 a year. 

Prologis Essentials carried out this trailblazing initiative in line with its principles of sustainable mobility and collaboration with its customers. In this way, Prologis is responding to its customers’ demands and helping meet the environmental targets under its Net Zero plan to eliminate polluting emissions by 2040.

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