Prologis´ remarkable commitment to sustainability and renewable energy is demonstrated on rooftops across Spain. In addition to supplying reliable, efficient distribution space, many Prologis buildings are also are sources of renewable energy generated by rooftop photovoltaic panels. Since the first installation in 2006, Prologis has increasingly leased rooftops to photovoltaic tenants who sell the clean energy produced back to utility companies, reducing strain on local electricity grids.

Existing panels on Prologis roofs provide more than six megawatts of renewable energy. In recent developments, Prologis connected a total of 370 kilowatts per hour to the network with an annual electricity production of 447,000 kilowatts. With thousands of square meters of rooftops and a best-in-class global energy team, Prologis rooftops are the ideal space for photovoltaic installations and renewable energy production.

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