FedEx began transforming its logistics model in 2014, focusing on “efficiency through innovation.” One year later, the global express delivery company started operations from Prologis Park Puerta de Madrid, a single location with two buildings in Madrid (Getafe and Barajas).

The 2015 build-to-suit for FedEx (TNT Express) was the first Prologis developed in Spain. It was also the first building Prologis Spain completed with building information modeling technology. This state-of-the-art build-to-suit was one of the key pieces to transforming the FedEx logistics process. Prologis’ extensive experience, innovative development features and quick construction schedule enabled FedEx to implement this newer, more efficient logistics center.

This build-to-suit allowed FedEx to reduce its building size by 11 percent. One of the innovative design features is the incorporation of a five-fingered distribution system that allows FedEx to manage many distribution vans in a small space. Thanks to the flexible design, the facility is equipped to double production in the future to meet customer delivery demands.

Membership with the Transported Asset Protection Association ensures a high level of security for merchandise, staff and transport, and the park and warehouse were designed to global sustainability standards that achieved BREEAM “Pass“ accreditation.